Lebow Channel Improvements at 28th Street

  • Project typeDrainage Improvements
  • Project value$5,200,000
Drainage Improvements

As a part of the City’s on-going efforts to reduce flooding and present a safer environment for residents, improvements to Lebow Channel at the 28th Street crossing began on Thursday, September 15.  Contractors mobilized on that date to begin work that will involve expanding the channel and increasing its capacity to convey stormwater.  The existing bridge structure at the 28th Street crossing will not be affected by this work.  Construction for this project is expected to last through Summer of 2023. 

Meanwhile, a second project led by the Texas Department of Transportation is planned to start early in 2023 and will involve improvements to the railroad crossing just west of the Decatur Avenue and 28th Street intersection.  This project includes storm drain improvements to convey water from the underpass to Lebow channel and is coordinated with the channel improvement project currently underway.

The channel improvements have incorporated environmental features to help improve stormwater quality.  By incorporating pools, riffles and runs in the channel ecosystem, microhabitats are formed and sediment transport is reduced.  The channel will also include native tree, shrub, and grass plantings to re-establish a natural setting near the entrance to Trail Drivers Park.

Future plans for Lebow channel are in the works as the City continues its commitment to improving safety in flood prone areas.

Current updates: 

December 2022 - Contractor is excavating on the south side of 28th Street

January 2023 - Contractor will begin channel excavation on the north side on 28th Street


Last update December 2022


This project is in Council District 2


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