Mistletoe & Alamo Heights Street Improvements

  • Project typeStreet & Transportation Improvements
  • Project value$5,400,000
  • Completion DateMarch 31, 2027
Street & Transportation Improvements

The project provides for the design of water, sewer, and paving improvements on twelve neighborhood streets:

Buck Ave, from W Rosedale St S to Mistletoe Ave

Chambers Ave, from Alamo Ave to W Vickery Blvd

Gordon Ave, from McPherson Ave to W Lowden St

Lipscomb St, from Page St to W Capps St

Livingston Ave, from W Lowden St to W Bowie St

Lisbon, from Chambers to Landers

Landers St, from W Vickery Blvd to Rutledge St

Rutledge St, from Vickery Blvd  to Landers St

Landers St, from Locke Ave.  to Lovell Ave.

Mistletoe Drive, from Alley between Mistletoe Avenue and Edwin Street to Rosedale Street

Harrison Avenue, from Buck Avenue to Mistletoe Drive

Mistletoe Boulevard, from Buck Avenue to Mistletoe Drive

Alley between Alamo Ave. & Valentine St. from 370 ft south of Chambers Ave. to West Fwy

Alley between Lisbon St. & Vickery Blvd, from Bedford St, to 144 ft. north of Chambers Ave.


This project is in Council Districts 3 & 9

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