Polytechnic Heights Street Improvements

  • Project typeStreet & Transportation Improvements
  • Completion DateJanuary 30, 2025
Street & Transportation Improvements

This project consists of water, sanitary sewer, stormwater and paving improvements. 

The streets currently scheduled for rehabilitation include:

  1. Avenue A from Thrall Street to Wesleyan Street
  2. Avenue B from Thrall Street to Binkley Street
  3. Avenue C from Thrall Street to Wesleyan Street
  4. Avenue E from Bishop Street to Campbell Street
  5. Avenue G from Binkley Street to S. Collard Street
  6. N. Avenue H from Dead End to Miller Avenue
  7. Holmes Street from E. Rosedale Street to Avenue G
  8. Thrall Street from E. Vickery Boulevard to Avenue D

This project is located in Council District 8.


February 2024 Project Status

Please note the following two temporary closures :

  1. Thall Street (between Avenue A and Vickery)
  2. Vickery (between Thrall and Ravine

Residents will need to find alternate routes through the area. The closure is expected to last 30 days while a large storm drain is installed in Vickery. 


  • The contractor is working on paving improvements on Homes Street that will include driveways very soon.
  • The contractor will also be working on installing the water line on Avenue E.


Project meetings

Watch the Community Meeting from August 24, 2023

Community Meeting

Project news

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