Richmond, Baltimore, Arlington and Delaware Area Water and Sewer

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$490,542.00
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Existing water and sanitary sewer mains will be replaced in an area bound by Elmwood Avenue to the north, Delaware Avenue and the Fort Worth and Western Railroad to the east, East Davis Avenue to the south and I-35W South Freeway to the west. Carroll Peak Elementary School is in the project area.


The streets and alley that will be impacted include:

  • Jefferson Avenue from I-35W to Evans Avenue (water)
  • Richmond Avenue from Mississippi Avenue to Yuma Street (water)
  • E. Baltimore Avenue from I-35W to Beverly Avenue (water and sewer)
  • Missouri Avenue from E. Jefferson Avenue to E. Baltimore Avenue (water)
  • E. Arlington Avenue from I-35W to Delaware Avenue (water)
  • Evans Avenue from E. Baltimore Avenue to Davis Avenue (water and sewer)
  • Delaware Avenue from E. Davis Avenue to E. Richmond Avenue (water)
  • Alley between Elmwood Avenue and E. Jefferson Avenue from New York Avenue to Mississippi Avenue (sewer)
  • Alley between E. Baltimore Avenue and E. Arlington Avenue from Evans Avenue to Baltimore Avenue (sewer)
  • Alley between E. Arlington Avenue and East Davis Avenue from Mississippi Avenue to 160 feet east (sewer)
  • Alley between East Arlington Avenue and East Davis Avenue from Evans Avenue to 394 feet east (sewer)


This capital improvement project in Fort Worth Council District 8. Customers in the United Communities Association area will be impacted by the construction.

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