Seminary Hill Streets Project

  • Project typeStreet & Transportation Improvements
  • Project value$16,000,000
Street & Transportation Improvements

The proposed project provides for the design of water, sewer, and paving improvements on 13 neighborhood streets and 5 alleys.

  1. Boyce Ave, W -    E Dead end to McCart Ave
  2. Cherokee Trail -   W Seminary Dr.   to W Gambrell St
  3. Gordon Ave -   W Spurgeon St.  to S Dead End
  4. Martin Lydon Ave. -   Townsend Dr.   to James Ave
  5. Rector Ave -   W Seminary Dr, to W Gambrell St
  6. Yates St.  -  W Dead End to James Ave
  7. Wayside Ave. -    W Boyce Ave.   to Gambrell St.
  8. Cockrell Ave. -    Seminary Dr.   to Morrell St. 
  9. Seminary Dr. -    155 ft. East of Rector Ave.   to 160 ft. West of Rector Ave
  10. Spurgeon St.-     Frazier Ave.   to Stanley Ave
  11. Stanley Ave.-    Martin Lydon Ave.   to   South Dead End
  12. Townsend Dr. -   South Crest Dr.    to Yates St
  13. Frazier Ave. -   Dead End/Spurgeon St.  to Pavement Change


This project is located in Council Districts 9 and 11.


May 2024 Project Status

This project is currently in the final design phase or 90% designed. 

Watch the most recent community meeting to learn about the project scope.

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3208 w seminary drive, Fort Worth 76133  View Map

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