Westcliff, Foster Park, Overton & Summerfields Area Improvements

  • Project typeWater & Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$2,501,490.00
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Existing water and sewer mains will be replaced in an area bound by Sunnybank Drive at Western Center Boulevard to the north, Overton Ridge Boulevard to the west, South Drive to the south and Trail Lake Drive to the east. 


Council District 3

Overton Woods neighborhood association

  • Ranch View Road from Bellaire Drive South to 67 feet east (sewer).

Easement south of SW Loop 820 from Overton Ridge Boulevard to 610 feet west (sewer) - no neighborhood association


Westcliff West neighborhood association

  • Easement between Arundel Avenue and Winslow Drive  from 220 feet east of Encanto Drive to 910 feet east (sewer);
  • Easement south of Arundel Avenue from Arundel Avenue to 190 feet south (sewer); 
  • Easement west of Somerset Lane from Arundel Avenue to 500 feet south (sewer); 
  • Somerset Lane from Bellaire Circle to Winslow Drive (water); 
  • Winslow Drive from Encanto Drive to Somerset Lane (water); 
  • Easement between Sierra Court and Wyndale Court from 130 feet west of Trail Lake Drive to 360 feet west (sewer);
  • Wyndale Court from Trail Lake Drive to the cul-de-sac (water);
  • Sierra Court from Trail Lake Drive to the cul-de-sac (water).


Foster Park neighborhood association

  • Easement east of Ranier Court from 150 feet east of the Lambert Avenue/Ranier Court intersection to 1,510 feet north then 170 feet east (sewer); 
  • Ranier Court from the Lambert Avenue/Rainer Court intersection to 1,155 feet north (water); 
  • Ranier Court from Lambert Avenue to South Drive (water);  
  • Norwich Drive from Ranier Court to Lambert Drive (water); 
  • Norwich Drive from Lambert Avenue to South Drive (water); 
  • Lambert Avenue from Ranier Court to Norwich Drive (water); 
  • Easement west of Norwich Drive from 180 feet north of Norwich Drive to 170 feet west (sewer); 
  • Easement north of Lambert Avenue from 150 feet west of Ranier Court to 542 feet west (sewer); 
  • Overton Park Drive from Altura Court to Ranier Court (water);
  • Easement east of Overton Park from 270 feet south of the Overton Park Drive/Altura Court intersection to 150 feet east/155 feet southeasterly (sewer);
  • Easement north of South Drive from 150 feet north and 300 feet east of the South Drive/Ranier Court intersection to 500 feet west then 60 feet north (sewer).


Overton Park neighborhood association and Foster Park neighborhood association

  • Overton Park Drive from Altura Court to Ranier Court (water).


Council District 4

Summerfields neighborhood association

  • Western Center Boulevard from Silver Sage Drive to 600 feet west (sewer);
  • Poppy Court from Sunnybank Drive to just north of Western Center Boulevard (water and sewer).

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