Worth Heights Infrastructure Improvements

  • Project typeStreet & Transportation Improvements
  • Project value$6,000,000
Street & Transportation Improvements

This project will include water, sewer and paving improvements for nine streets spanning Carter Park, Rosemont and Worth Heights.

  • 5th Avenue (Flint Street to W. Seminary Drive)
  • W. Bewick Street (Hemphill Street to May Street)
  • W. Bewick Street (S. Henderson Street to 5th Avenue)
  • McClure Street (Elva Warren Street to Debbie Street)
  • 5th Avenue (W. Seminary Drive to Broadus Street)
  • Elva Warren Street (McClure Street to East Dead End)
  • Blodgett Avenue (90' east of McClure Street to 215' east)
  • Meriweather Avenue (E. Dead End to Berke Road)
  • McClure Street (Elva Warren Street to 285' north)


This project is in Council Districts 8, 9 and 11.


June 2024 Project Update

Soon the project will be awarded for construction.


Project meetings

  • Next public meeting will be online, November 2, Thursday, at 6:30 p.m. 
  • WebEx link is available above.

Project news

  • There is no project news available at this time.


4300 5th Avenue, Fort Worth 76115  View Map

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