Worth Heights Infrastructure Improvements

  • Project typeStreet & Transportation Improvements
  • Project value$6,000,000
Street & Transportation Improvements

This project will include water, sewer and paving improvements for nine streets spanning Carter Park, Rosemont and Worth Heights.

  • 5th Avenue (Flint Street to W. Seminary Drive)
  • W. Bewick Street (Hemphill Street to May Street)
  • W. Bewick Street (S. Henderson Street to 5th Avenue)
  • McClure Street (Elva Warren Street to Debbie Street)
  • 5th Avenue (W. Seminary Drive to Broadus Street)
  • Elva Warren Street (McClure Street to East Dead End)
  • Blodgett Avenue (90' east of McClure Street to 215' east)
  • Meriweather Avenue (E. Dead End to Berke Road)
  • McClure Street (Elva Warren Street to 285' north)

This project is in Council Districts 8, 9 and 11.


November 2023 Update

  • The November 2, 2023 Community Recording is available.

Meeting Recording

Currently the design plans are over halfway complete. The final project design plans are expected to be completed in the coming months.

Project meetings

  • Next public meeting will be online, November 2, Thursday, at 6:30 p.m. 
  • WebEx link is available above.

Project news

  • There is no project news available at this time.


4300 5th Avenue, Fort Worth 76115  View Map

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