Land Use & Regulatory Compliance

Section Chief:
Richard McCracken


The Land Use and Regulatory Compliance Section is responsible for:

  • Regulations governing the use of land in the city                                                             
  • Use of grant funds from the state and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) relating to public service agencies, neighborhood revitalization, and quality, accessible, affordable housing programs
  • Work related to environmental matters, including gas drilling, air quality and solid waste collection
  • Enforcement of code, including animal control and public health
  • Acquisition of land through eminent domain
  • Addressing matters pertaining to the city’s water and stormwater utilities. Departmental clients include Housing and Economic Development, Transportation and Public Works, Planning and Development, and Code Compliance.
  • The land use attorneys advise city staff, boards, commissions, and the city council. Land use attorneys draft all of the ordinances that codify and implement the city’s Comprehensive Plan, land use regulations and standards, including zoning, building and fire code matters, subdivision regulations, land platting and noise regulations. Attorneys counsel city boards and commissions with land use regulatory oversight, including the Plan Commission, Zoning Commission, Boards of Adjustment, Historic and Cultural Landmarks Commission, and Appeals Board.

    Attorneys in this section are responsible for negotiating and drafting legal documents for use with HUD and other state and federal grant funds for both residential and multi-family housing programs, weatherization and emergency repair programs, public agency projects, and other programs that aim to strengthen and revitalize the city’s neighborhoods. These attorneys provide counsel to the Fort Worth Housing Finance Corporation, the Fort Worth Local Development Corporation, the Community Development Council and the Fort Worth Advisory Commission on Ending Homelessness.

    Land use and regulatory compliance attorneys oversee all legal work related to environmental matters, including gas drilling, air quality, solid waste collection, code enforcement, animal control, and public health. This section is responsible for handling lawsuits under Chapters 54 and 211 of the Texas Local Government Code to enforce code, environmental and zoning violations at various types of properties in order to remedy environmental hazards, substandard buildings and illegal land uses. Attorneys also prosecute eminent-domain actions undertaken by the city.


     Jeremy Anato-Mensah

    Nico Arias 

    Christopher Austria

    Douglas Black

    Royce Hansen

    Christopher Mullins

    Matthew Murray

    J.B. Strong