Boarding Home Facilities

A Boarding Home Facility is an establishment that:

  • Furnishes lodging to three or more elderly and/or disabled persons who are unrelated to the owner of the establishment by blood or marriage.
  • Provides community meals, light housework, meal preparation, transportation, grocery shopping, money management and laundry services.
  • Provides assistance with self-administration of medication to persons/residents who are capable of feeding, dressing, moving, self-evacuating, bathing and attending to other personal needs or maintenance without assistance.
  • Does not provide personal care services to persons/residents.

What You Need

In order to complete the Boarding Home Facility Permit Application, the applicant must provide the following information, documentation and completed forms for the applicant, all owners, all operators and all employees of the facility.

  1. Contact information for the applicant, all owners, all facility operators and all employees, to include:

  • Copy of driver's license or other official state/federal identification card
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Street and mailing addresses
    Street address may not be the Boarding Home Facility location, unless owner, operator or employee resides at the facility full-time.
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  1. Documentary evidence of payment of ad valorem taxes, fees, fines and penalties owed to the City in connection with the real property used to operate the Boarding Home Facility.
  2. Letter from property owner authorizing use. Only applies if Boarding Home Facility is owned by someone other than the property owner.
  3. Proof of business/copy of documents establishing the business. Only applies if Boarding Home Facility is owned by a legal entity.
  4. Listed disabilities per disabled person(s). Only applies if there is at least one disabled person at the facility.
  5.  Boarding Home Facility Affidavit for all owners. Click to download(PDF, 152KB).
  6. Boarding Home Facility Affidavit for all operators and employees. Click to download.(PDF, 151KB)
  7. Zoning Verification Letter. Click to download.(PDF, 188KB) Must be approved by the Development Services Department before submission of application.

Prior to approval of application:

  1. A non-refundable payment of $1,500 for first-time applicants or a $1,000 for renewals must be made to the City of Fort Worth to complete application process. Permit fee is non-transferable.
  2. All owners, operators and employees must pass a criminal background check.

Boarding Home Facility Permit Application

NOTE: Applicant must be the owner, operator or authorized officer/agent.