Transportation Planning

Transportation Engineering Manual

The requirements outlined in this manual provide standards and criteria for design of city streets and is applicable to all types of street construction, including appurtenances to streets such as sidewalks, streetlights, street signs, and electronic signals. View the manual here(PDF, 18MB)

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This page provides an overview of transportation planning projects underway in Fort Worth.

Active Transportation Plan

Active transportation is a means of getting around that is achieved through human-powered mobility. This includes walking and bicycling, as well as the needs of wheelchair users and other types of non-motorized mobility devices, whether for everyday trips to work, shops and other destinations, or for recreational purposes. Learn more »

Complete Streets

Complete streets are operated and maintained to enable safe and comfortable access for people of all ages and abilities, including people who walk, bike, use transit or drive. Learn more »

Walk! Fort Worth

The Walk Fort Worth Pedestrian Transportation Plan aims to make walking around the city safer and more convenient. By replacing the short vehicle trips with pedestrian trips, Cowtown air will be measurably cleaner and the population healthier thanks to increased physical activity. If that isn't important enough, it also helps reduce congestion on our streets. Learn more »

Bike Fort Worth

The city's Bike Fort Worth plan sets a blueprint for improving the bicycle-friendliness of city streets through a system of dedicated lanes and traffic-calming roadway improvements. Learn more »

Mobility and Air Quality Plan

The city, in partnership with Trinity Metro, launched developed the mobility and air quality plan to establish a blueprint for transportation investments over the next 20 years. These improvements will help control the increase in future congestion levels, serve all users, improve mobility and air quality, and promote alternative modes of transportation Learn more »

Master Thoroughfare Plan

The Master Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) is the long-range plan that identifies the location and type of roadway facilities that are needed to meet projected long-term growth within the city. Learn more »

Access Management

Collector Network Planning