Central Fort Worth



The downtown area is bordered by Lancaster Road to the south, Jones Street to the east, Belknap Street to the north, and Summit Avenue to the west. The majority of the trees in the downtown area have been planted along the urban streets and around various buildings.  The predominant large canopy species are red oak, live oak, and cedar elm.  Given the urban nature of downtown Fort Worth, there are a surprising number of mostly small parks, totaling over 130 acres.  Among these: 

  •  The Water Gardens features live oaks and bald cypress.
  • General Worth Square is almost exclusively planted in live oaks.
  • Heritage Park (currently closed for renovation) sits on the bluff over the Trinity River north of the courthouse and retains many of the native trees along the river’s banks. 
  • Hyde Park, the oldest city park in Fort Worth, features a fairly young grove of oaks and cedar elms.
  • Paddock Park frames the north side of the Tarrant County Courthouse and is densely covered with live oaks, red oaks, and other large canopy trees.
  • Burnett Park

  • Burnett Park features primarily live oaks and red oaks. 
  • The Tarrant County Courthouse lawn also features some large trees, though none are historically significant. 
  • Despite the lack of a large “Central Park” area, Fort Worth’s central city provides a shady respite for its residents and visitors and continues to get a little greener with as properties are redeveloped to be more resident and pedestrian-friendly.