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Green Business Partners is a fantastic way for businesses to show off their green practices and demonstrate ways for others to save money and be more sustainable. Green businesses strive to keep their part of the city free from litter and pursue sustainable ideas.

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Registration Information

Green Business Partners require two coordinators who are 18 years of age or older. Required information is as follows:

  • Business name
  • Primary contact
  • Primary contact email
  • Primary contact phone number
  • Secondary contact
  • Secondary contact email
  • Secondary contact phone number

Program Benefits

Green Business Partners help our communities and attract customers by maintaining a litter-free environment and making green choices. Customers care more than ever about the environmentally-conscious practices of the businesses they visit. Green Business Partners know that going green makes sense – for the planet and, in many cases, their bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Green Business Partner?

Green Business Partners put environmental best practices into action in three categories:

  1. Litter-Free
  2. Reduce Waste
  3. Efficient Practices

The basic commitment for all partners is to maintain their areas free of litter and to reduce future litter by controlling sources, like ensuring trash cans and dumpsters remain closed. Beyond this initial commitment, many of our partners adopt multiple sustainable practices such as: reducing landfill waste; increasing recycling; practicing water conservation; reducing energy consumption; choosing reusable or compostable packaging; and offering reusable shopping bags; to name a few.

What commitments do Green Business Partners Make? 

Again, all partners must make the commitment to keep their properties and surrounding areas free from litter. Commonly, partners educate their employees about litter control and regularly ensure the surrounding area is litter-free. Partners are encouraged to participate in other green activities.

Is there a cost to participate in Green Business Partners? 

Participating in Green Business Partners is absolutely free! 

Who can apply to be a Green Business Partner? 

All businesses within the City of Fort Worth city limits are welcome to participate. Those applying are most commonly the business owner or facility manager. 

Do Green Business Partners have to be in Fort Worth city limits? 

Yes, participants must be located within the Fort Worth city limits. However, we encourage all businesses to make sustainable choices at home and at work.

What kind of businesses can participate? 

Businesses in any industry are invited to join us as green business partners! 

Can my small business participate in Green Business Partners? 

Absolutely! Businesses of all sizes are encouraged to participate. Regardless of business size, you can make a difference in our community!

Download Green Business Partners FAQ sheet.(PDF, 955KB)


Here are examples of green activities and how to be green.


Businesses remove litter and control litter sources.

  • Daily litter sweeps of property
  • Make sure customers and staff have access to trash cans
  • Keep outdoor trash cans and dumpsters covered
  • Empty trash cans frequently
  • Provide options for proper disposal of cigarette butts
  • Ensure dumpster enclosure gates are closed and latched
  • Keep loading docks neat and clean
  • Collect litter before mowing lawn or using leaf blower
  • Never put anything down the storm drain!
  • Post a sign encouraging proper use of dumpsters (Download example sign: English version(PDF, 1MB)/Spanish version(PDF, 73KB))

Reducing waste:

Businesses reduce trash sent to the landfill: reduce, reuse, recycle!

  • Arrange commercial recycling for your business (For more information, visit our Commercial Waste & Recycling webpage.)
  • Reduce e-waste: recycle old electronic devices instead of sending them to the landfill
  • Use recycled or sustainably-sourced materials
  • Provide recycling options at each trash can
  • Limit the use of single-use plastics (flatware, water bottles, straws, bags, plastic wrap or containers) at your business
  • Compost waste when appropriate
  • Encourage use of reusable shopping bags
  • Offer straws to customers only when asked or straws not made of plastic
  • Limit polystyrene (e.g., Styrofoam™) use
  • Reduce printing hardcopies and maximize digital sharing
  • Use a traditional coffee pot or reusable pods and compost both grounds and filters
  • Place recycling bins near printers and in kitchens
  • Recycle cooking grease - never pour grease down the drain!
  • Recycle construction or demolition debris during and after construction/remodeling
  • Donate old furniture
  • Recycle carpet
  • Properly dispose of mercury-based light bulbs and thermostats, batteries, and any hazardous substances

Efficient practices:

Businesses conserve resources and save money with these tips!

  • Install energy-efficient appliances and lighting
  • Install low-flow fixtures to conserve water
  • Use lighting controls and turn off lights to save energy
  • Landscape your property with low-water and/or native plantings (Xeriscaping) - Texas A&M list
  • Sweep or blow grass trimmings back onto the lawn - never down the storm drain!
  • Use rainwater barrels for landscaping
  • Raise thermostat temperature in summer (78°) and lower in winter (72°) 
  • Consider electric or hybrid vehicles and equipment
  • Encourage employees to use alternative transportation (carpool, bike, walk, public transit, etc.)
  • Encourage staff to bring lunch instead of driving to eat

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