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To be selected for a Police Academy Training Class, applicants must successfully pass a written or electronic test, a physical assessment test, a polygraph examination, an interview board, a medical examination, a psychological examination and an extensive background check.

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Applications accepted: February 1, 2024 through March 31, 2024.


  • $4,628 per month (while in Police Academy Training)
  • $5,549 per month ($66,597 annually upon graduation)

In addition to this base pay:

  • Longevity Pay: $4 per month times the number of years of service, up to 25 years
  • Incentive Pay: $60 per month for associate degree, or $180 per month as a college graduate, following one or more years of service after commissioned, (college degree must be in related areas); $30 per month for intermediate certificate, or $60 per month for advanced certificate, State of Texas Certification (Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Standards and Education)
  • Court Pay: If you are required to appear in court on your time, you receive overtime pay
  • Bilingual Incentive Pay: Up to $125 per month upon successful completion on Language Proficiency
  • Uniform Allowance: $325.00 per year 


  • Promotions: Promotions are granted on basis of competitive Civil Service examination
  • Sick Leave: 15 days each year
  • Paid Vacation: Three weeks annually
  • Paid Holidays: Eight each year
  • Retirement fund
  • Credit Union
  • Military leave
  • Life insurance and co-paid group hospitalization available in service area
  • Dental Plan
  • Domestic partnership benefits
  • Four-day work week; ten-hour shifts

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High school diploma (or GED Certificate and 12 semester hours of college with a C average)


Must be a U.S. citizen at time of application (must be able to read and write the English language).


Must be 20 years of age and cannot yet be 45 years of age by the date of your assigned Entry-Level Test/Civil Service Examination.


Must present a valid and current driver's license and possess an acceptable driving record.


Must have received an honorable discharge to qualify for veteran points.

Required Examinations

Personal History Booklet (PHB)

After successfully passing the written examination, the PHB requiring detailed information regarding educational background, employment history, military service, references and arrest record (including traffic violations) must be completed by required deadline. Original documents such as birth certificates, social security card, high school and college diplomas and transcripts, driver’s license, marriage certificate, divorce decree, and military discharge papers will also be required after you enter the background phase.


Applicants will be required to take a polygraph test examination during the background investigation.

Background Investigation

The Police Department will conduct a thorough background investigation to verify information given by the applicant in the Personal History Booklet. After successful completion of the background investigation applicants will be given a Conditional Offer of Employment letter which will be based on passing the psychological and medical evaluations.

Psychological Evaluation

Applicants will be administered a battery of psychological tests. A licensed psychologist will evaluate the applicant’s responses to determine suitability for police work. Final appointment will be contingent upon the results of the psychological evaluation.

Medical Examination

After approval by the Board, applicant will be given a thorough medical examination. Final appointment will be contingent upon the results of the physical.


See link to entry-level requirements mentioned above and additional details listed in Chapter 5: 




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