Hello Heart

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Hello Heart makes it simple for you to track your heart health and understand what’s going on, so you can worry less — all from the privacy and comfort of your own phone. This new service is fully sponsored by the City of Fort Worth for employees, retirees, spouses and dependents (18 years and older) on the City’s health plan who have high blood pressure (BP) and/or are taking BP medications.

What do you get with Hello Heart?

• Use your personal Hello Heart monitor to check your blood pressure. The Hello Heart smartphone app will instantly save your readings and provide clear explanations of what they mean.

• Easily send your readings and progress reports to your doctor (if you want) to catch potential issues early.

• Access easy, personalized tips for maintaining a healthy heart!

• Set medication reminders in the Hello Heart app so you never forget!

• Your info is kept 100% private to you on your phone. No one but you will know what your heart is up to. Access the app whenever you need it, anywhere, anytime.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Hello Heart support at support@helloheart.com or call 800-767-3471.


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