Health & Benefits Support


Alight is the city’s health and benefits support service. In other words, they are your personal health care assistant that you can call on anytime you need them.

Employees should feel free to contact Alight any time they want help with things like understanding healthcare billing or finding quality providers in-network.

Your Alight Health Pro is available for all your benefit-related questions!


Employees can reach out to their Alight Health Pro at 1.866.307.8835 or for assistance with questions such as:

· I was in the hospital and have received a lot of bills. Do I have to pay all of these?

· I had a baby—what do I need to do?

· I lost my ID card—how can I get a replacement?

· What is my annual deductible?

· What services are covered under my benefits plan?

· I’m about to have a surgery and I’m not sure what to expect.

· I’ve received a devastating diagnosis, is there someone I can talk to about a second opinion?


Alight is a complimentary service provided free of charge to employees and retirees on the city’s Health Center Plan or Consumer Choice Plan.


They also have an app you can download and work your Health Pro through the app!