Early Childhood Literacy

You can help your child learn long before kindergarten when you learn ways to introduce five key learning steps into their lives!
  • Learn how to develop social, emotional and pre-reading skills for their children so they are successful when entering kindergarten.
  • Supportive, engaging programs are designed for adults who care for children up to five years old. 

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Weekly programs

Story Times

Kinder 101

     Meeting ID: 987 3128 6906 Passcode: 342472

Kinder Prep 101 is a supportive, engaging program designed to help parents and caregivers prepare children for kindergarten. This 10-week online program will go over topics such as the different stages children learn, types of schools and programs, classroom setup, and introductions to math, science, reading and writing.

Preparación para el kínder

Preparación para el kínder es un programa de apoya para a los padres y proveedores de cuidado de niños para a que estén listos al inicio del kínder. El programa de 10 semanas en línea repasará temas tales como las diferentes etapas que aprenden los niños, tipos de escuelas y programas, el arreglo del aula e introducciones a las matemáticas, a las ciencias, a la lectura y a la escritura. 


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