2018 Bond Program

NOTICE:(PDF, 658KB) An ordinance ordering an election by the qualified voters of the City of Fort Worth, Texas, on May 5, 2018, on the question of the issuance of ad valorem tax supported public securities for the 2018 Capital Improvement Program.



The City Council has called for a bond election to be held on May 5, 2018. At this time, residents will be asked to vote on six propositions totaling $399.5 million.

There will be six propositions on the ballot. These include:

  • Proposition A: Streets & Mobility Infrastructure Improvements - $261,630,080
  • Proposition B: Parks & Recreation Improvements - $84,180,600
  • Proposition C: Public Library Improvements - $9,868,500
  • Proposition D: Fire Safety Improvements- $11,975,820
  • Proposition E: Animal Care and Shelter Facility Improvements- $13,770,000
  • Proposition F: Police Facility Improvements - $18,075,000

View the 2018 bond book(PDF, 7MB)