Lake Arlington Urban Village

Urban Village Lake Arlington Master Plan

The Lake Arlington Urban Village is located along Berry Street, from Interstate 820 east to the shore of Lake Arlington. It is adjacent to the Berry/Stalcup Urban Village on the west side of Interstate 820.  

The Lake Arlington Urban Village was designated in 2016 to implement a recommendation of the Lake Arlington Master Plan (2011) to “utilize Berry Street as a gateway into the lakeshore area. Allow mixed-use, village scale development to create a ‘center’ of the community”.

The area was rezoned in 2017. High Intensity Mixed-Use (MU-2) zoning allows higher density development closer to Interstate 820, stepping down to Low Intensity Mixed-Use (MU-1) zoning approaching Lake Arlington. Urban Residential (UR) zoning is located adjacent to the Lake Arlington Urban Village to accommodate new pedestrian-oriented, well-design residential neighborhoods that provide a range of housing choices near the lake, while protecting public access to the shoreline and future shoreline trail opportunities. 

The Lake Arlington Urban Village is part of Neighborhood Empowerment Zone (NEZ) Area Six. Municipal property tax abatements, fee waivers and release of city liens are available to property owners who build or rehabilitate property within a NEZ.