Historic Marine Urban Village

Mercado 7-10-06.JPG

The Historic Marine, formerly Mercado, Urban Village runs roughly along North Main Street between Northside Drive and 23rd Street.

This area was included in the 2002 Commercial Corridors Revitalization Study and has enjoyed a recent surge of new activity including the new Mercado building, a law office, and alley and street improvements. In addition, this village has received $50,000 towards the creation of a Plan that will prioritize the goals and vision of the village. The historic Rose Marine Theater was recently renovated by the City and now houses the Latin Arts Association.

Major Accomplishments

  • 4 small MU-1 and PD/MU-1 zoning districts; village rezoning under consideration
  • Main Street reconstruction project
  • One-story law office
  • Mercado building