The Walk! Fort Worth Pedestrian Transportation Plan aims to make walking around the city safer and more convenient.

By replacing the short vehicle trips with pedestrian trips, Cowtown air will be measurably cleaner and the population healthier thanks to increased physical activity. If that isn't important enough, it also helps reduce congestion on our streets.

Walk! Fort Worth was adopted by City Council and incorporated into the city’s Comprehensive Plan Oct. 21, 2014. The Fort Worth Active Transportation Plan replaced the Walk! Fort Worth plan, which was adopted on April 9, 2019.


WalkFW Plan

Table of Contents(PDF, 234KB)

Executive Summary(PDF, 113KB)

  1. History and Plan Development(PDF, 506KB)
  2. Existing Conditions(PDF, 730KB)
  3. Proposed Policies and Programs(PDF, 2MB)
  4. ADA Transition Plan and Universal Pedestrian Access(PDF, 297KB)
  5. Costs, Prioritization, and Potential Funding Sources(PDF, 503KB)
  6. Benchmarking and Implementation(PDF, 139KB)


  1. ADA Transition Plan(PDF, 5MB)
    1. 2008 ADA Compliant Pedestrian Curb Ramp Improvement Program Study(PDF, 6MB)
  2. 2008 Sidewalk Survey(PDF, 2MB)
  3. Pedestrian Safety Action Plan(PDF, 2MB)
  4. Existing High Priority Corridors Sidewalk Map(PDF, 101KB)
  5. WalkFW Technical Committee(PDF, 66KB)
  6. Online Survey Results(PDF, 1MB)
  7. Public Meeting Summary(PDF, 4MB)
  8. Works Cited(PDF, 101KB)