East Fort Worth & Riverside Area Infrastructure Improvements

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$1,965,799.00
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Existing sewer and water mains will be replaced in an area bound by Bird Street to the north, Calmar Road to the east, Laurie Drive to the south and North Riverside Drive to the west. This is east of I-35W, just north of East Belknap and south of I-30.

This project is in Fort Worth Council District 5 and Fort Worth Council District 11. The affected area includes the following. 


Council District 5

(Map - Randol Mill, Chandler Lake, Candlewood, Blue Lake, Green River, Lake Havasu and Woodhaven )

  • Easement between Randol Mill Road and Chandler Lake Road from Lake Havasu Trail 462 feet north and 135 feet south (sewer)
  • Lake Havasu Trail from 135 feet east of Randol Mill Road to Chandler Road (water)
  • Lake Havasu Trail from 350 feet east of Randol Mill Road to 400 feet east (sewer)
  • Easement between Lake Havasu Trail and Blue Lake Drive from 219 feet west of Candlewood Road and 270 feet east of Candlewood Road (sewer)
  • Blue Lake Drive to 200 feet north of the north dead end and 320 feet north of Raintree Court (sewer)
  • Blue Lake Drive from the north dead end to 155 feet north of Raintree Court (water)
  • Easement between Blue Lake Drive and Green River Trail 325 feet north of Raintree Court (sewer)
  • Easement between Candlewood Road and Oakland Boulevard south of Lake Havasu Trail (sewer)
  • Easement between Woodhaven Boulevard and Boca Bay Drive 600 feet north of Boca Raton Boulevard (sewer)


Council District 5

Map - Warren, Muse, Ederville, Sandy and Calmar

  • Easement between Enoch Drive and Sandy Lane from Laurie Drive to Brentwood Stair Road (sewer)
  • Easement between Sandy Lane and Ederville Road from Ederville Lane 281 feet north (sewer)
  • Easement between Warren Lane and Muse Street from Joseph Lane to 520 feet south (sewer)
  • Warren Lane from Ederville Road to 468 feet north of Brentwood Stair Road (sewer)


Council District 11

(Map - Riverside, Cleckler and Murphy)

  • Alley between North Riverside Drive and Cleckler Avenue from Murphy Street to 315 feet north (sewer)

This project impacts the Carter Riverside neighborhood association, Riverside Alliance and Riverside Business Alliance, White Lake Hills neighborhood association, Ryanwood neighborhood association and the Neighborhoods of East Fort Worth.


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