Westside Pressure Plane & Water Improvements

  • Project typeWater and Sewer Fund
  • Project value$29,114,580.15
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

New water mains will be installed in streets and in easements on the west side of Fort Worth to alleviate low water pressure issues. In addition, part of one westside pressure plane will be transferred to an adjacent westside pressure plane that has a higher operating pressure. The affected area includes

  • Camp Bowie West Boulevard from 250 feet east of the Renzel Boulevard/US Highway intersection to 750 feet west;
  • Camp Bowie West Boulevard from 50 feet east of the Brandon Lane/U.S. Highway 80 intersection to 200 feet north then 100 feet west;
  • Chapin Road from the Renzel Boulevard/Chapin Road intersection to Cork Place;
  • Bangor Drive from Cork Place to Westerly Road;
  • Cherry Lane near Marydean Avenue from the west right-of-way lane to the east right-of-way lane;
  • Cherry Lane near Doreen Avenue from the west right-of-way lane to the east right-of-way lane;
  • Cherry Lane near West Elizabeth Lane from the west right-of-way lane to the east right-of-way lane;
  • Ruby Place from Ramona Drive to Joyce Drive;
  • Chapin Road from the Bonnie Drive/Chapin Road intersection to 125 feet east;
  • Davenport Avenue from 125 feet east of the Bonnie Drive/Davenport Avenue intersection to US Hwy. 377, then southerly 200 feet;
  • Olive Place from the Camp Bowie Boulevard/Olive Place intersection to 150 feet north;
  • Greenway Road from the Tex Boulevard/Greenway Place intersection to Bigham Boulevard then 800 feet north;
  • West Elizabeth Lane from the Curtis Drive/West Elizabeth Avenue intersection to east 250 feet then north 250 feet then east 200 feet;
  • Slocum Avenue from Ramona Drive to Marquite Drive;
  • Joyce Drive from Slocum Avenue to Rosewood Avenue;
  • Rosewood Drive from Joyce Drive to Z Boaz Park;
  • Easement across Z Boaz Park from the west property line of Z Boaz Park to Lackland Road;
  • Lackland Road from Curzon Road to 600 feet north. 

This project is in Council District 3. 

*** Construction on Chapin Road begins the week of May 30. Please see the update in the Project News tab below. ***

Project Meeting


Project News

June 3, 2022

For the safety of our contractor and motorists, Chapin Road will be closed – in phases - for the replacement of a 16-inch in diameter cast iron water line between Cork Place and Renzel Boulevard.

The phasing starts at the east end of the project and moves westerly. Those phases are:

  • Westerly Road to Cimmaron Trail, which includes Western Hills High School and Waverly Park Elementary School;
  • Cimmaron Trail to Bandera Road – between Westside Presbyterian Church and Western Hills Church of Christ;
  • Mary’s Creek Drive to Morenci Drive, which includes Leonard Middle School;
  • And, Carman Drive to West Loop 820 South.

Signs will detour residents, schools and churches that are north of Chapin Road to Bangor Drive, Guadalupe Road and Camp Bowie West Boulevard.

Detours will also be in place south of Chapin Road – in the Benbrook city limits.

The projected end date for the Chapin Road water line installation is August 2022.



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