Stockyards Historic and Form-Based Code District

Stockyard Sign

The Fort Worth Stockyards was one of the largest livestock markets in the United States and a defining factor for the community. Beginning in the 1870's with the arrival of the railroad, it served as a major employment center, reaching its peak in 1944, when it processed over 5 million cattle. As the industry changed, the Fort Worth Stockyards transitioned from an important center for the meat packing and livestock industry to a visitor destination, attracting residents from the region as well as tourists from across the nation and abroad. The Stockyards Form Based Code District was adopted in May 2017 after several years of intensive community planning to respond to the challenge of protecting Fort Worth’s heritage through guided urban development.

The Stockyards project area covers almost 300 acres and includes the Historic Stockyards themselves, the Marine Creek area, the Swift and Armour meatpacking sites, the North Forty area, the commercial corridors of Main Street and 28th Street, and portions of the North Side and Diamond Hill - Jarvis neighborhoods.

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