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Residential Collection Fee Updates

On Sept. 19, 2023, City Council adopted the ordinance amending the service fee for overloaded carts and loose bags in Chapter 12.5, Environmental Protection and Compliance, Article VIII, Solid Waste and Recycling, Division 4, Deposits, Rates and Collection, Section 12.5-841.1, Residential Collection Fees.

Under the rules of the Residential Collections Program, residents are required to put their garbage and recycling materials into their respective collection bins by 7 a.m. of their assigned collection day. Residents are responsible for ensuring all items fit into the bins and that lids are properly and securely closed to allow for SMART Truck Technology use.

Any garbage or recycling materials that do not allow for the lids to be properly and securely closed are considered “overloaded/overfilled” while any and additional bags set outside of or next to the carts are considered “loose bags”. Both instances are not allowed in the program and are considered “non-compliant”.

The ordinance will amend Section 12.5-841.1 of the City Code to increase collection rate as follows:

  • $6.00 per cart for overloaded carts.
  • $3.00 per bag for loose bags.

These new fees go into effect on January 1, 2024.


Solid Waste Services provides residents with garbage, recycling, bulk and yard waste curbside collections. Additional waste reduction services include the Drop-Off Stations, Environmental Collection Center, food composting, paper shredding, Styrofoam collection and litter programs through Keep Fort Worth Beautiful.

Holiday Schedule for Garbage and Recycling Collection(PDF, 159KB)


Disabled Carryout Service

If you are physically unable to take carts to the curb and would like to apply for assistance, call 817-392-1234 or download the form below. You'll need three copies: the original goes to Solid Waste and you and doctor may wish to keep copies on file. Download the explanatory letter(PDF, 24KB) and Disabled Carryout Service Application(PDF, 405KB).(PDF, 24KB)



Solid Waste Comprehensive Plan

The City of Fort Worth's new 2017 – 2037 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan was unanimously approved in Sept. 2017. This plan is a purposeful effort to re-think and re-evaluate the very notion of 'waste' and creates plans to turn today's 'waste' into resources for tomorrow. Learn more »


Keep Fort Worth Beautiful

Keep Fort Worth Beautiful works to educate and engage Fort Worth residents to take responsibility for improving their community environment. Learn more about the program »

Business Smart

Join the Business Smart program to become a leader in environmental practices while increasing your bottom line. Going "green" just makes sense for your business, your customers and your city. Learn More »



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