Disability Insurance


The City of Fort Worth has chosen UNUM to provide Disability coverage to eligible employees. To be eligible to enroll, you must be an active employee of the City of Fort Worth. Below are the types of disability coverages the City offers to employees.  

Short-Term Disability

Short-Term Disability Insurance can pay you a weekly benefit if you have a covered disability that keeps you from working.

You may choose coverage that replaces either 40% (up to $1,500 per week) or 60% (up to $2,000 per week) of your pre-disability earnings. If you select 40%, you have a 30-day wait period. If you choose 60%, you have a 14-day wait period.  

You can also choose a benefit duration (the maximum number of weeks you can receive benefits while you’re disabled) of either nine or 22 weeks if you choose the 40% option or 11 or four weeks if you choose the 60% option.

This insurance may cover a variety of conditions and injuries such as:

• Injuries (excluding back)

• Joint disorders

• Cancer

• Digestive disorders

This plan does not cover pre-existing conditions. 

Long-Term Disability

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance provides income replacement in the event you are unable to work due to an accident of your own or a serious medical condition. 

To be eligible to enroll in long-term disability, you must be an active employee and regularly work 30 or more hours per week. You may choose coverage that replaces either 40% or 60% of your pre-disability earnings. The maximum monthly benefit is $6,000 for the 40% option or $9,000 for the 60% option. 

You will also choose a waiting period — the amount of time you must wait after being declared disabled to collect benefits — of 90 or 180 days. The longer the waiting period, the lower the cost of coverage. The total cost of premiums also will depend on your annual salary, age and percentage of coverage you select.

For a current premium chart or if you have any additional questions, contact your Human Resources representative or visit Unum’s calculator.


Annual Salary $35,000 $45,000 $50,000
Age 35 years 40 years 50 years
Premium Rate $0.41 $0.24 $2.14
Percentage 40% 40% 60%
Waiting Period 90 days 180 days 90 days
$4.38 $6.00 $32.92