Vision Insurance

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Vision Benefits Summary(PDF, 156KB)

For 2021 the City of Fort Worth is pleased to offer a comprehensive vision plan to employees, Non-Medicare (under age 65) retirees and Medicare (over age 65) retirees. The plan is administered through EyeMed.

Please see some of the plan highlights listed below.

  • Exam $10 copay
  • Frames $130 frame allowance + 20% discount over $130 every 24 months
  • Lenses – $20 copay for single, bifocal, trifocal and lenticular
    • Various copays for progressive tiers
    • Various copays for reflective coating
    • Every 12 months
  • Contacts $125 allowance + 15% discount over $125
    • Every 12 months
  • Rates range from $3.00 per check for individual to $8.82 per check for family

Employee Rates


2020 Semi-Monthly Vision Rates for Employees 


Applicable for active full-time, part-time employees and council aides

 Employee Vision Rates

Eye-Med Vision

Employee Only $3.00
Employee and Spouse $5.70
Employee and Child(ren) $6.00
Employee and Family $8.82

Download a PDF of 2020 Employee Semi-Monthly Dental/Vision Rates.(PDF, 333KB)

Retiree Rates


2020 Monthly Vision Rates for Retirees 


Applicable for retirees and surviving spouses

Retiree Employee Vision Rates

Eye-Med Vision

Retiree + Spouse $5.99
Retiree/Surviving Spouse + Child(ren) $11.39
Employee and Child(ren) $11.99
Retiree + Family $17.63

Download a PDF of 2020 Monthly Dental/Vision Rates for Retirees.(PDF, 413KB)