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6228 Crystal Lake Dr. | Fort Worth, TX 76179

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This community library has a variety of unique features to serve residents and guests:

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Public Art Installation

northwest public art “Some Keys” by Sandra Fiedorek

2016 | Color Laminated Glass, Gold Leaf

The artwork is comprised of four insulated glass units composed of tempered ultra-clear glass, set into the existing window wall for the north elevation of the building. Twelve symmetrical keyboard symbols in gold leaf are set against varied bright translucent colors. Abstract, but also like stained glass, these windows complement an existing, similar artwork in the library by the same artist that consists of the symmetrical letters of the alphabet. While that artwork is located in the reading area, this new piece is adjacent to the computer workstation area. The symbols used reflect this difference.


fwpa northwest “Letters” by Sandra Fiedorek

2010 | Color Laminated Glass, Gold Leaf

Eleven art-glass windowpanes illuminated with gold leaf, symmetrical letters are seamlessly integrated into the architectural space of the library. Reminiscent of medieval manuscripts, the characters allude to the power of the written word. As light passes through the glass, jewel-toned shadows of the signs and colored panels transform the interior space into an vibrant environment and capitalize on the lasting power of the written word.