Ash Crescent Neighborhood

Ash Crescent improvement strategy map

Ash Crescent was selected as the second Neighborhood Improvement Strategy target area. As part of this program, funds set aside by City Council were sed to improve neighborhood vitality and give residents paths to self-sufficiency.


Why was Ash Crescent selected?

While the neighborhood is relatively small - just .56 square miles containing less than one percent of the city's overall population - a high concentration of low- and moderate-income residents, as well as other indicators of distress like significant blight, inadequate public infrastructure, persistent public safety issues and low educational attainment make this area a prime candidate for improving the area's vitality.

The area does have several resources and projects in the works that promise quick, measurable improvements with improved coordination and investment, including:

  • Morningside Children's Partnership
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • A plan for streetlight replacements
  • A single-family housing infill project

To help address area needs, $2.77 million has allocated by the City Council to make Ash Crescent the target area for neighborhood improvements in 2018. The funding comes from a half-cent allocation of the municipal property tax rate to provide capital projects, improve public safety and attract private investment in underserved neighborhoods.


What's Happening

  • 38 tons of brush and trash removed
  • 20 cameras installed to capture illegal dumping activity
  • 17 hazardous structures demolished or repaired
  • Nine dead, hazardous or nuisance trees removed
  • 83 LED streetlight upgrades
  • Pets for Life Spay/Neuter and Vaccination Event held
  • Door-to-door outreach with Code and Neighborhood Services staff
  • Six community, stakeholders and ministers meetings held

Ash Crescent you tube video image

Fort Worth City Hall YouTube video

See More!

See the changes so far, as the City of Fort Worth works with Ash Crescent residents, businesses and churches to revitalize the neighborhood.

A message from the Transportation and Public Works Department

The City of Fort Worth began implementation of pavement improvements to restore the street surface and add structural support to the existing pavement in May 2018.

The following street segments were improved:

  • Irma Street (Ash Crescent Street – Belzise Terrace)
  • East Morphy Street (South Riverside Drive – Martin Luther King Freeway)
  • Talton Avenue (Ash Crescent Street – Belzise Terrace)
  • Belzise Terrace (Ash Crescent Street – Glen Garden Drive)

Ash Crescent at a glance  




Size( square miles)


Poverty Rate



Crimes against property

(per 1,000 residents)



Crimes against property

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Median household income


Pilot Program Area


The Ash Crescent program area is generally bounded by Sycamore Park and Cobb Park on the east, Riverside Drive on the west, Rosedale Street on the north and Glen Garden Drive on the south.