Northside Area Neighborhood


The Northside Area has been selected as the third Neighborhood Improvement Program target area. As part of this program, funds set aside by City Council will be used to improve neighborhood vitality and give residents paths to self-sufficiency. The $3.052 million funding comes from a half-cent allocation of the municipal property tax rate to provide capital projects, improve public safety and attract private investment in underserved neighborhoods.

What's Happening

  • 11 hazardous/substandard structures demolished
  • 627 cubic yards (78 tons) of litter/illegal dumping removed
  • 1,493 lane miles cleaned
  • 269 city-owned vacant lots cleaned; 3,504 bags removed
  • 89 trees planted
  • 189 Animal Welfare Service Calls
  • 70 animal microchips implanted; 70 spay/neuter/rabies vouchers issued
  • 30 yards of limbs/trees cut and removed 
  • Several community meetings and informational workshops held

Projects Now Underway

Streets and Sidewalks work began in September 2020

  • Repaving and sidewalk repairs and replacements on Lee and Prospect from 20th Street to 25th Street, and Loving Avenue from 20th Street to 24th Street;
  • Rehabilitating Denver and Lagonda Avenues from Grand Avenue to Northside Drive;
  • Sidewalk improvements around Rufino Mendoza including Central Avenue, 14th Street, Harrington and Lagonda Avenues;
  • Miscellaneous sidewalk repairs throughout the neighborhood to address uneven sidewalks due to trees, settlement, etc.

Maddox Park Improvements

  • Installation of new security lighting began in September 2020
  • Northside Community Center Park ADA improvements


Code Compliance

 Hazardous & Substandard Structures Identified  Litter/Dumps Removed  Lane Miles Cleaned Animal Welfare Activity  
  • 11 demolished by owners; 1 by city contractor
  • 1 repaired by owner
  • 2 structures scheduled for Dec. BSC Hearing
  •   190 Tons
  • 3,047
  •  621 Service Calls  


Transportation and Public Works

Streets and Sidewalks in Progress

LED Streetlights Work Completed to date

  • Concrete work on Loving Ave. complete
  • Concrete work on Prospect Ave. complete
  • Paving on Prospect, Loving and Lee complete
  • Work in progress on Denver and Lagonda 
  • 536 LEDs installed
  • Contractor completed new wiring
  • Contractor completed pole replacements


Park and Recreation


City Wide Mowing   Maddox Park  
Northside Community Center
  • 66 hazardous trees removed

  • Raised tree canopy to 8’ clearance over sidewalks & 14’ over streets

  • ROW cutback 10’ from curb

  • Maddox Park, Marine Park and Northside Park & Community Center trees pruned to remove large deadwood and low limbs

  • 270 5-gallon trees planted in the ROW in response to the free tree vouchers

  • 30 yards of limbs/trees cut and removed
  • 3 yards of trash and debris removed
  • Installation of security lighting is complete 

  • ADA and site improvements completed



  • As of 10/16/20, 10 surveillance cameras have been installed.
  • The Northside area will also be receiving Flock Cameras that capture license plate numbers which gives police another tool to stop crime.
  • The plan is to install 33 total cameras in the Northside Neighborhood Improvement Area

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Report Card (Fall 2023)

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Project Map

Northside Area map