FY2008 Budget

The FY2007-08 Adopted Budget approved by the City Council reflects the diligent efforts of staff to compile a budget that responds to the City Council goals and objectives in a fiscally sound and prudent manner. This Adopted Budget includes a tax rate decrease and balances City priorities against available resources, while seeking to maintain core services in each department. The budget also includes adjustments that respond to increased demands for public safety and transportation services due to growth, efficiency and quality customer service.

Staff has worked throughout the year with departments, considered citizen input available through citizen surveys and sought guidance from the City Council on the specific priorities to address in the FY2007-08 budget. Staff participated in the City Council Retreat in June, provided budget updates to the Council in July and worked one-on-one with Council Members to ensure that Council input was adequately captured in the development and formulation of this budget. As a result, this adopted budget responds to Council direction regarding the following priorities:

  • Provide a tax rate decrease
  • Maintain effective and responsive public safety services
  • Provide additional funds for streets and infrastructure
  • Provide step compensation increases to eligible staff
  • Provide increased funding for Employee Retirement Fund (ERF)

In any budget process, it is always a challenge to balance competing needs against limited resources. The FY2007-08 budget process was no exception. However, with the policy guidance provided by Council, staff has done a good job of creatively balancing increasing service demands and available funding and other resources for optimal return on tax dollars expended.

A. Organizational Information(PDF, 616KB)

  • City Officials
  • Total City Operating Budget Organizational Chart
  • City Council District Map

B. City Manager's Message(PDF, 706KB)

C. Financial Management Policy Statements(PDF, 138KB)

D. Introductory Information(PDF, 234KB)

  • City Strategic Vision/Goals
  • Budget Format
  • Budget Procedure and Philosophy
  • Suggested Schedule

E. Summary Information(PDF, 4MB)

  • Appropriation Ordinance
  • Ad Valorem Tax Ordinance
  • Schedule of Changes to FY06-07 Proposed Budget
  • Total Operating Budget Comparison of Revenues and Expenditures
  • General Fund Revenue Summary
  • General Fund Expenditures and Revenues Chart
  • Summary of Authorized Positions and Expenditures
  • Changes in Authorized Positions

F. General Fund(PDF, 816KB)

  • Budget Department
  • City Manager
  • City Secretary
  • Code Compliance
  • Community Relations
  • Development
  • Economic and Community Relations
  • Environmental Management
  • Finance
  • Fire
  • Housing
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
  • Law
  • Library
  • Mayor and City Council
  • Municipal Court
  • Non-Departmental
  • Parks and Community Services
  • Planning
  • Police
  • Public Events
  • Public Health
  • Transportation and Public Works
  • Zoo

G. Debt Service(PDF, 109KB)

H. Capital Projects Plan(PDF, 461KB)

I. Water and Sewer Fund(PDF, 209KB)

J. Solid Waste Fund(PDF, 82KB)

K. Municipal Golf Fund(PDF, 119KB)

L. Airports Fund(PDF, 80KB)

M. Municipal Parking Fund(PDF, 75KB)

N. Stormwater Utility Fund(PDF, 81KB)

O. Internal Service Funds(PDF, 206KB)

  • Fund Statement
  • Equipment Services Fund
  • Information Systems Fund
  • Engineering Fund
  • Office Services Fund
  • Temporary Labor Fund

P. Special Funds(PDF, 254KB)

  • Insurance Funds
  • Culture and Tourism Fund
  • Environmental Management Fund
  • Awarded Assets Funds
  • Lake Work Trust Fund
  • Cable Communications Fund
  • Grants Fund Summary

Q. Crime Control and Prevention District Fund(PDF, 271KB)

R. Salary Schedule(PDF, 99KB)

S. Municipal Fee Schedule(PDF, 130KB)

T. Glossary(PDF, 30KB)