Opening, closing and transferring accounts

Whether you need to open, close or transfer an account, customer service reps are ready to assist. Choose the action you need to take regarding your account to learn what information you need to have available to make the process go quicker and smoother.


Open account

To open a new account, contact Water Customer Service at 817-392-4477 or stop by our customer service location. An activation charge of $20 is included on the first billing. This fee covers costs associated with application processing. There is an additional $25 fee for same day service requests.

Required information

The following information is needed at least one day prior to your desired service activation:

  • name, phone number, social security number and driver’s license number of the person responsible for the account;
  • name of the present property owner; and
  • if available, the name of the previous owner or tenant.

Deposit required

A minimum deposit of $50 is required for residential accounts and is applied to your first billing. The deposit can be waived for residential accounts if the following criteria apply:

  • the customer has had at least 12 consecutive months of utility service with the City of Fort Worth within the previous 12 month period without ANY late payments; OR
  • the customer provides a letter of credit reference from another utility, such as electric, landline phone, water, etc, noting they have had at least 12 consecutive months of service within the previous 12 month period without ANY late payments.

Customers who meet this criteria can email the information to or fax it to 817-392-8137.

  • Deposits on residential accounts may be refunded after one year if the customer maintains a good payment history.
  • Deposit amounts may be increased at any time because of poor payment history.
  • Commercial account deposits vary and can not be waived.
  • Commercial account deposits can only be refunded at account termination. They are not eligible to be refunded while the account is still active.


Transferring service 

If you are moving to a new location within Fort Worth, please follow these steps:

  • Call 817-392-4477 before your move so we can continue your service without interruption.
  • Be prepared to provide your water account number or your former service address, your new address and your service request dates.
  • Please note: A $20 transfer service charge will be included on your first bill at the new address.
  • There is an additional fee for same day transfer service.

If you are moving out of town, follow the steps for closing an account.


Ending Service 

To end or discontinue water service, please contact Water Customer Service at 817-392-4477.

Required information

  • Address or account number for the address where you want to end service
  • Date for stopping service
  • Forwarding address for final bill, including city and zip code.

Returning deposits

If you have a deposit on file, it will be credited to your final bill, and any remaining balance will be forwarded to you.


Keeping information private 

The Texas Legislature passed H.B. 872 in 2021 in an effort to protect sensitive customer information from predatory practices. The bill applies to information held by a municipally-owned utility that provides water, wastewater, gas, garbage, electricity or drainage service.

The law prohibits the utility from disclosing information for residential customers under the Public Information Act, unless the customer requests the information be public or certain exceptions apply. This includes the following types of information:

  • customer's address,
  • information that reveals whether an account is delinquent, eligible for disconnection or had service discontinued by the government-operated utility, and
  • information collected as part of an advanced metering system for usage, services and billing, including amounts billed or collected for utility usage.

Privacy Policy relating to Social Security numbers

Submitting a written disclosure request 

Customers can elect to disclose their information to either a specific designated individuals or the public at-large by completing a written form. 

To submit a disclosure request,  please print, complete, sign and mail the Customer Authorization for Disclosure of Information form. You may also hand carry the form to the Downtown Customer Service Office, located on the first floor of the City Hall Annex, 908 Monroe Street or mail the form to Fort Worth Water, Customer Relations, P. O. Box 870, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Download the Customer Authorization for Disclosure of Information form(PDF, 262KB)

Descargar el formulario de Autorización para Dar a Conocer Información de Cliente con la que Cuenta la Compañía de Agua(PDF, 323KB)

Exceptions to confidentiality

State law does not prohibit a government-operated utility from disclosing personal information in a customer’s account record to: 

  1. an official or employee of the state, a political subdivision of the state, or the United States acting in an official capacity;
  2. an employee of a utility acting in connection with the employee's duties;
  3. a consumer reporting agency;
  4. a contractor or subcontractor approved by and providing services to the utility, the state, a political subdivision of the state, or the United States;
  5. a person for whom the customer has contractually waived confidentiality for personal information;  or
  6. another entity that provides water, wastewater, sewer, gas, garbage, electricity, or drainage service for compensation.

The fees associated with the opening, closing and transferring accounts are added to the utility bill. The bill may also contain additional charges related to theft or tampering, field services, delinquency status and re-connections.

New Account Deposit

A refundable security deposit is required for all new accounts. This fee can be waived for residential accounts, based on specific criteria.

  • Residential Refundable Security Deposit = $50.00 - $150.00
  • Commercial Refundable Security Deposit = Calculated based on the previous six months billings of same or like business

Fee Schedule

Account Services Amount
Standard activation/ Transfer $20
Same-day activation/ Transfer additional $25
Same-day after hours activation/ Transfer
(After hours same day activation costs apply to all activation requests submitted after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for service the same day. These requests must be submitted prior to 6 p.m. on that business day. Meter activations are not performed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.)
additional $50
Other Field Services
First meter test/investigation per 12-months N/A
Additional meter test/investigation per 12-months
(fee waived if meter fails or a leak is identified)
Investigation by appointment $100
Meter replacement by request Actual Cost
Replacement installation by request (2-inch meters and smaller) $60
Replacement Installation by request (meters larger than 2-inches) Actual Cost
Meter removal $60
Tampering, damage, inactive/unauthorized consumption $150 plus estimated use plus cost of damage
Late payment 10% of past due balance
Disconnect/Lock/Shutoff $20
Broken lock $25
Standard reactivation $20
Same-day reactivation additional $25
Same-day after hours reactivation additional $50