See a pothole, signal outage or street light not working? Report it

Published on January 07, 2022

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The Transportation & Public Works Department at the City of Fort Worth is here to help. Fort Worth residents and visitors can quickly and easily report issues to city staff using the MyFW app.

After downloading the MyFW app, users can provide a brief description, photos and use a map-based location feature to submit issues like potholes, traffic signal outages or street lights that aren’t working. Once submitted, the request goes directly to the Transportation & Public Works work team for a quick response. The user can view the status of the request in the app and receive a notification when the work is complete.

These are the items that can be submitted on the app:

  • Common issues
    • Street Light Out
    • Pothole <3 Feet Request (smaller than 3 feet in diameter)
    • Parking Meter
  • Stormwater
    • Stormwater Manhole Lid Issue
    • Lost Item in Storm Drain (Emergency)
    • Drainage Issues
    • High-Water Flashers
  • Streets
    • Cave In >3 Feet (larger than 3 feet in diameter)
    • End of Road Barricade Issues
    • Guardrail Damage
    • Manhole Cover Issues
    • Street Blocked/Hazard
    • Sidewalk Repair
    • Street Repairs
  • Traffic
    • Railroads
    • School Zone Flasher (Emergency)
    • New Sidewalk Request
    • Sign Issues (Emergency)
    • Street Light Out (Emergency)
    • Traffic Markings Issue
    • Traffic Signal
    • Traffic Signal (Emergency)
    • Traffic Signal Timing Issue
    • Traffic Signs Issue

Download MyFW on the App Store or Google Play

To learn more about the MyFW App, visit the Customer Care page



Photo: The MyFW app is an easy and quick way to inform city staff about a variety of situations that need attention.



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