Environmental fee bump to address litter in Fort Worth

Published on August 16, 2022


What is under consideration? An increase in the amount residents and businesses pay monthly for litter control and illegal dumping cleanup.

What is the Environmental Protection Fund used for? It provides funding to support environmental rules and regulations which can include contract crews for litter cleanup, litter at homeless camps, illegal dumping grounds and street sweepers.

What does this mean to residents? The monthly rate will increase from 50 cents to $1.50. Commercial, industrial and nonprofit property owners will also pay higher rates.

What’s next? Residents can address the proposed rate increases at upcoming Budget Engagement Meetings. The council is expected to vote on the tax rate Sept. 27.

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A clean city promotes quality of life, economic development and safe neighborhoods.

City Manager David Cooke has recommended increasing the rate residents and business owners pay to the Environmental Protection Fund. The rate is collected on monthly water utility bills.

The fund was established in 1996. The rate has not increased since then.

In recent surveys, residents indicated they are willing to pay more to help address litter and make their city cleaner.

Under the proposal, the monthly rate for residences will increase from 50 cents to $1.50. This applies to single-family residences and on a per-unit basis for multifamily complexes.

The rate for commercial buildings would go from $10 to $30 monthly. Industrial properties would see their rate increase from $35 to $105 monthly. Nonprofit and municipal accounts would see a jump from 75 cents monthly to $2.25.

The proposed Environmental Protection Fund revenue increase would:

  • Allow litter and illegal dumping costs to be transferred from the City’s Solid Waste Fund to the Environmental Fund. Currently, Solid Waste coves $4.4 million annually for these costs.
  • Distribute existing litter and illegal dumping program costs more equitably across residential, commercial and industrial accounts.
  • Expand services that would result in a noticeably cleaner city. These services would include street sweepers and other litter control services.
  • Build fund solvency to ensure money is available to address other environmental service needs as they arise.

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