City not immune to higher employee health care costs

Published on September 21, 2022

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What it does: The City of Fort Worth wants to ensure its employee retention and recruitment initiatives are ample for having and attracting an exceptional workforce. This proposal allows the City to compete for top talent locally in the public and private sectors.

What’s the benefit to taxpayers: Residents of one of the nation’s largest cities deserve a top-notch workforce working for them. This allows for efficient and smooth day-to-day operations that help in achieving the mission of providing residents with a safe and clean community.

What’s the budget proposal: $12.1 million

What’s next: The Council is expected to vote on the budget at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 27.


Pay, pension and benefits are areas employees and employers are often most concerned about.

Realizing the City competes with many area employers in the public and private sectors for talent, ongoing salary reviews are conducted in each budget cycle. This ensures the City is offering attractive, market-based salaries. Additional money is set aside in the budget if salary adjustments are needed.

Annually, City of Fort Worth employees are eligible for performance-based raises that average about 4% and possible additional salary adjustments.

Fort Worth employs approximately 6,600 workers. Salaries and benefits represent just over 37% of the City’s expenses.

To retain and attract employees, the City offers affordable and quality health benefits as well as contributes to the employee’s pension.

About 5,400 employees are on City health plans, but when family members and retirees are included, the number increases to 13,000 on health insurance. Employees pay a portion of the monthly premiums, but the bulk is covered by the City.

Employee premiums are rising slightly this year in response to overall increases in health care costs.

This year, the City Council is being asked to approve increasing to 12 weeks the amount of paid maternity/paternity leave. This is a popular and growing retention tool nationwide. The City currently offers six weeks of paid leave.


Learn more about the City of Fort Worth budget.



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