Lake Arlington Gravity Main

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$8,324,270
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Portions of the existing wastewater collection system serving the Village Creek Wastewater Basin are at capacity. Increased capacity is necessary to handle projected growth within the basin, which also includes the wholesale customer cities of Burleson and Crowley.

The Lake Arlington Lift Station Gravity Main has two parts, the downstream gravity main and the upstream gravity main. The design includes a 5,000 foot 78-inch sewer main (upstream gravity main) as well as a 3,000 foot 60-inch sewer main (downstream gravity main) that would tie in to an existing 60-inch sewer main near the intersection of Cooks Lane and Lancaster Avenue.

  • The northern/downstream sanitary sewer gravity main will connect with the Lake Arlington Force Main – between Arkansas Lane  and East Rosedale Street/West Pioneer Parkway – and extend along Union Pacific Railroad to Cooks Lane. - Part 2, Council District 5
  • The southern/upstream sanitary sewer gravity main  will connect with the Lake Arlington Lift Station - located just north of Freeman Drive, between Anglin Drive and Salt Road -  and extend southerly to just south of Lon-Stephenson Road. - Part 1, Council District 8

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