Park & Recreation


The Park & Recreation Department maintains 302 parks (13,070 acres) and public spaces citywide, as well as providing recreational activities and educational programming that makes Fort Worth a great place to live, work and play.




The Park & Recreation Department has a variety of divisions to make Fort Worth fun for families, seniors, and kids of all ages.




Department Leadership


Headshot of Richard Zavala


Richard Zavala


Richard Zavala, Director of Fort Worth's Park & Recreation Department since 1992, holds a Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Park Administration from Texas A&M University. With over three decades of expertise, he has overseen the department's growth, enriching the city with diverse amenities and programs. Beyond his role, Richard contributes to various city administration positions, demonstrating his commitment to Fort Worth's improvement. Actively engaged in professional organizations like the Texas Recreation and Park Society and National Recreation and Park Association, he ensures alignment with industry best practices. Richard's leadership advances the city's quality of life, making him a visionary in parks and recreation.



Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan

This master plan is a living document that provides a road map for the next five to 10 years, to help ensure Fort Worth remains one of Texas' premiere park systems.

The plan is updated regularly through a needs assessment and public input process.

View the plan(PDF, 16MB)

View the 2020 update(PDF, 17MB).

Aquatics Master Plan

The Aquatics Master Plan provides a comprehensive look at facility types and potential amenities the city has slated for development as funding comes available.


View the 2012 update(PDF, 11MB).

 Other Park Master Plans

Park hours are 5:00 am to 11:30pm unless posted otherwise.

Park users must pick up pet waste. (Ord. 24-2)

No Littering. (Ord. 24-4)

Selling of goods and services is prohibited. (Ord. 24-6)

No riding, tethering or pasturing animals. (Ord. 24-10)

Dogs must be on a leash. (Ord. 24-9)

Off road driving is prohibited. (Ord. 24-15)