FAQ New Water Payment System

General Questions

How do I mail my payment to Fort Worth Water?

To make a payment by mail, gently tear off the bottom portion of your monthly bill statement, include your payment and mail it to:

City of Fort Worth
Water Department
PO Box 961003
Fort Worth, TX 76101-0870

Please make checks or money orders payable to Fort Worth Water Department. Do not mail cash. Do not staple or tape your payment to the bill stub.

How much does it cost to pay my bill through Fort Worth Water’s online bill system?

This service is completely free for customers.

How do I sign up for new service?

If you are a new customer to Fort Worth Water, call our customer service department at (817)392-4477 to establish a new account. Visit: https://FortWorhTexas.gov/water/account for more information.

If you are a current Fort Worth Water customer and would like to establish an online account, click here. If you have an existing online account, and want to add an additional account to your profile, click here.

How do I become a paperless customer?

To choose Paperless:

  • Click on Account Information page for your Water Account.
  • You will then be able to choose the Paperless option with a simple toggle to Yes. Look for the green leaf labeled "ebill."
  • After toggling to Yes, you can choose to receive Email and/or SMS Text notifications (charges may apply) for new bills. You will be able to provide the phone number and/or email address for the notifications.

What is the standard application fee for new service?

Complete information on fees can be found on our website here: https://FortWorthTexas.gov/water/account-fees/

What determines if a security deposit is required for new service?


A minimum deposit of $50 is required for residential accounts and is included in your first billing. The deposit can be waived for residential accounts if the following criteria apply:

  • The customer has had at least 12 consecutive months of utility service with the City of Fort Worth, without ANY late payments;
  • OR the customer provides a letter of credit reference from another utility, such as electric, landline phone, water, etc., noting they have had at least 12 consecutive months of service within the previous 12 month period without ANY late payments

It should be noted that commercial account deposits vary and cannot be waived. Commercial account deposits can only be refunded at account termination. They are not eligible to be refunded while the account is still active.

More information on deposits can be found here: https://fortworthtexas.gov/water/account/.

How much is the deposit?

A minimum deposit of $50 is required for residential accounts and is applied to your first billing.

More information on deposits can be found here: https://fortworthtexas.gov/water/account/

What are utility bill Inserts and how do I view them?

Water bill inserts are informational messages that are inserted into monthly water bills. They provide information on City services, upcoming events and other programs of interest to Fort Worth residents and businesses. Inserts are mailed to customers with their bill. Paperless customers can view inserts by visiting: https://fortworthtexas.gov/water/bill-inserts/