City Charter Review Task Force

The Fort Worth City Council established the City Charter Review Task Force July 28, 2015, (Resolution 4493-07-2015(PDF, 604KB)) to recommend updates to the existing charter ahead of a proposed charter election in May 2016.

Though given a special legislature charter in 1873, the city's first home rule charter was adopted in 1924, establishing the City Council/City Manager form of government Fort Worth uses today. The charter has been amended 13 times since adoption, most recently in 2006.

Scope of City Charter Review

The Charter Review Task Force has been charged with considering major issues identified by City Council, in addition to technical amendments identified by city staff.

Major issues include consideration of longer terms of office, staggered terms instead of concurrent terms, compensation of the mayor and councilmembers and the number councilmembers/districts.

Technical amendments before the committee include reorganization of chapters and sections into more logical order, ensuring compliance with election provisions of state law and revision/deletion of archaic language and unused provisions.

View the Charter(PDF, 462KB)


Place Name
1 (Chair) Dionne Bagsby
1 Pete Geren
1 Henry Borbolla
2 Carlos Flores
3 Julie Miers
4 Keith Shankland
5 Bert Williams
6 Lu Moskowitz
7 Mike Holt
8 Danny Scarth
9 Mike Coffey

Meeting Documents

Dec. 1, 2015

Oct. 29, 2015

  • Charter Review Process presentation

Oct. 13, 2015

Sept. 30, 2015

Sept. 17, 2015

Sept. 03, 2015

Aug. 18, 2015