Historic Context and Survey Plan

Historic Context and Survey Plan images of historic Fort Worth

From 2019 through 2021, the City of Fort Worth contracted HHM & Associates, Inc. (HHM) to complete a multi-phased Citywide Historic Context and Survey Plan. This Citywide Historic Context integrates all contexts into one and intends to form a framework that knits together the significance of previously designated landmarks and historic districts, while providing helpful background for potential future designations and preservation planning.

The geographic and historic contexts within show how extant historic-age resources reflect significant historical themes, events, and individuals in Fort Worth’s past. The contexts can be used as a framework for evaluating properties for local historic designation and National Register eligibility during future surveys.


Phase IV of the project consists of a survey plan addendum for documenting historic resources within Fort Worth city limits. The plan recommends a phased approach to be completed over a multi-year period as funding for survey efforts becomes available. As part of the development of the survey plan, HHM built a custom historic resources database template for the City of Fort Worth using ESRI’s ArcGIS Online Collector App. This tool allows for a survey team to utilize handheld devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, to document historic resources remotely in the field.


Below are links to different themes throughout Fort Worth History

 Waterways and Climate icon with tree and waterway

Waterways and Climate

 Initial Settlement icon with shovel and pickaxe

Initial Settlement

 Early Government icon of legal building

Early Government and Institutions

 19th Century Industrial Commercial Development icon of industrial building

19th Century industrial and Commercial Development

 19th Century icon of houses

19th Century Suburbanization

 Early to Mid 20th Century Transportation icon with rail vehicle on track

Early to Mid-20th Century Transportation Connections

 20th Century Urban Growth icon buildings showing growth

20th Century Urban Growth

 Cultural and Social Institutions 1840 -1945 icon with hands showing connection

20th Century Social and Cultural Context

 Post WWII Suburbanization icon with modern home

Post WWII Suburbanization

 Cultural and Social Institutions 1840 -1945 icon with hands showing connection

Cultural and Social Institutions (1840-1945)

 Early and Mid 20th Century Industrial Economic Growth icon magnifying glass with chemistry flask

Early to Mid-20th Century Industrial

Economic Growth




The project was made possible with a grant from the Certified Local Government (CLG) Grant Program administered by the Texas Historical Commission (THC).