Northside II Water Transmission Main Relocation SH 170, Part 3

Closed April 08, 2021, 01:30 PM

  • Reference number100261
  • StatusOpen

This project is to relocate City of Fort Worth water mains crossing SH 170 at Alta Vista Road, Westport Parkway and Independence Parkway due to the construction of the main lanes on SH 170. Included in this is a concrete cap over an existing water main at Victory Lane. Alta Vista Road will include 595 feet of 16-inch water main and 490 feet of 30-inch casing. The crossing at Westport Parkway will include 763 feet of 30-inch water main and 591 feet of 48-inch steel casing. Independence Parkway construction will consist of 1,520 feet of 24-inch water main and 775 feet of 42-inch steel casing.