Complete Streets

They are designed, operated and maintained to enable safe and comfortable access for people of all ages and abilities, including people who walk, bike, use transit or drive.

Park Place

Complete Streets reconstruction project on Park Place widened the sidewalks and installed street trees for a more comfortable pedestrian environment. Traffic speeds were slowed down due to the on-street parking, so people biking could share the travel lane.

Designing projects from the beginning to accommodate everyone safely is vital because retrofitting existing infrastructure hasn’t always worked, and other areas are simply lacking in the basic requirements to safely share the road.

Under the policy, transportation projects that require city approval are directed to consistently plan, design, construct and maintain streets to allow for safe and comfortable travel by all people, regardless of transportation choice, age or ability.


Street Disection

Rendering of the South Main Complete Street Project. The project includes a new concrete roadway; wider sidewalks lined with trees and historic lamp posts; parallel parking for adjacent businesses; and dedicated lanes for people biking.



More Information

Adopted Complete Streets Policy(PDF, 329KB) 


Kelly Porter

Assistant Director

Regional Transportation and Innovation Division