The Water Department enables our community to thrive with clean water done right every time. The utility is responsible for providing drinking water, wastewater and reclaimed water service that protects human health and the environment. Learn more »





Wholesale customers

Other cities and entities within Tarrant, Johnson, Denton and Parker counties contract with Fort Worth for drinking water, wastewater and reclaimed water services. These are considered wholesale customers because they resell the services to their own customers. 

Uniform wholesale contracts dictate the terms of the agreements and specify the methodology for calculating rates.

Some entities are wholesale customers for more than one service. Others receive only one of the services from Fort Worth. Some entities have other sources of water supply and only use Fort Worth services in an emergency.

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Department Leadership

Chris Harder, P.E.


Harder joined Fort Worth in 1999 as a project engineer and has lead the water utility since August 2018.