Evans & Rosedale Redevelopment Project

In 2019, Hoque Global was selected as the recommended master developer for the Evans & Rosedale Urban Village, following an RFEI process issued by the Fort Worth Local Development Corporation and the City of Fort Worth. The Hoque Global team has worked on several projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including the West 7th area of Fort Worth, and the SoGood District south of downtown Dallas.

The Evans & Rosedale proposal originally submitted by Hoque Global focused on several key elements:

  • New development will reflect both the design and architectural features of the area's historic buildings, in order to help preserve the area's unique cultural heritage.
  • Traditional urban public spaces will be interspersed with more modern commercial development, with an emphasis on attracting minority-owned businesses.
  • Commercial development will include ground-floor retail and office spaces, among other amenities. Residential elements will be integrated above these spaces, or in stand-alone residential buildings.
  • The area will need to be walkable for residents, and should re-align and re-incorporate blighted lots into the overall neighborhood.

The Evans & Rosedale Redevelopment Project will consist of 295+ multi-family units, live-work units, townhomes, and retail. The development represents an investment of $70 million in the neighborhood by Hoque Global and the City of Fort Worth.

Information for contractors

Recent community meetings

Community meetings are shown with the most recent meeting listed first. Representatives from the City of Fort Worth and Hoque Global also meet monthly with the Historic Southside Neighborhood Association or its economic development task force.

Legal agreements

The following agreements regarding the Evans & Rosedale project have been executed between Hoque Global and the following various entities: 

Pre-development information and site studies

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Historical Information / RFEI

Information about the Evans & Rosedale RFEI

A Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) process for the Evans & Rosedale area was issued by the Fort Worth Local Development Corporation and the City of Fort Worth in December 2018.

As part of that RFEI process, a workshop was held in February 2019 to receive community feedback about what area residents envisioned for the development. Following a stakeholder review that narrowed the number of submitted proposals to three, a showcase was held at Southside Community Center and Ella Mae Shamblee Library that allowed the Evans & Rosedale community to view each developers' proposal and provide their input.

Plans and information

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Area plans and information

Design guidelines

The following design guidelines have been drafted specifically for the Evans & Rosedale Urban Village in past planning and community engagement efforts. Many of these guidelines are still recommended for the urban village; however, their use or modification should be appropriate for today's market.

Because the properties are zoned NS (Near Southside), the Near Southside Design Guidelines will apply.

Area incentives

Economic and demographic information

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Transportation planning

Trinity Metro Master Plan

Texas Wesleyan


Visit the zoning ordinance webpage

This area is zoned mainly Mixed Use (MU-1) or NS) with form-based codes. Some parcels are zoned Planned Development.

"MU-1": Higher density, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development for designated mixed-use growth centers. Low-intensity mixed-use and urban villages, so as to concentrate a variety of housing types among neighborhood-serving commercial and institutional uses. MU-1 is encouraged in the central city. Maximum height 3-5 stories.

"NS" Near Southside: High density, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development for designated area south of Downtown. Subject to review by Urban Design Commission. Bars and Light Industrial uses prohibited in NS/T4R.

Planned developments


Other economic development and neighborhood entities