Neighborhood Services

Mission Statement

Building strong neighborhoods by empowering residents with housing, community development, and social services.

Vision Statement

Deliver the Nation’s best services and community development to residents and neighborhoods that need it most.

Housing Updates

Below is a list of City of Fort Worth Neighborhood Services Housing notices which provide guidance, extensions, instructions, clarifications, announcements and other policy information. The documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, click on the title to view notice.


Fair Housing

Fair housing laws ensure individuals and families attempting to buy, sell, lease or finance a home are treated equally. Fair housing laws protect individuals from discrimination based on their race, color, national origin, religion, familial status, gender and disability. The availability of affordable housing in communities where those individuals and families want to live, however, can severely limit fair housing choice.

Affordable Housing

Housing is considered affordable when the total cost of housing – including rent/mortgage and utilities – is under 30 percent of household income. Watch the following video to learn more about affordable housing and who in the community may need it. 

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Department Leadership


Kacey Bess

Interim Neighborhood Services Director

Kacey has over a decade of dedicated service with the City of Fort Worth. Her most recent role as the Assistant Director of the Human Resources Department underscores her adeptness in administrative leadership.
She held pivotal positions in Parks & Recreation as the Senior Administrative Services Manager & within Fire as the Administrative Services Manager. Her journey with the City began in Budget as a Budget Analyst, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of municipal operations.
Kacey received her bachelor’s degree in business from UT Austin and a master’s degree in public administration from the UT Arlington. She also is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources.